The underfloor supply posts with a flip cover RET-EK are fairly simple underground utility systems enabling by opening the lid to access electrical connections.


Compact design with low mounting depth are important benefits that underfloor distribution. The hinged on or about underground utility systems are walked and driven. The flip supply systems be installed flush with the floor in separate shafts below the road or on the hall floor and are equipped with the necessary electricity, water and / or compressed air connections fitted. If necessary, these appear on the surface and are ready for use.


The construction design all flip supply systems leaves these systems very expensive to build against aggressive environmental conditions. That's why most underfloor supply systems against surface water, ground water, condensation, moisture and frost placed unprotected on their own or left to the operator.


The RET-EK systems, in comparison to its competitors, are better than any other guard against environmental influences.


The RET-EK flip supply posts are protected against:

rain and snow

unhindered penetration of surface water into the shaft

fall down into the open shaft hole

inattentive passersby, children

other traffic participants

operators and users when connecting (especially when ground frost)

high condensation