The retractable underfloor system RET EL Modern are modern factory-assembled complete units with

water-resistant concrete shaft for distribution and supply of consumers with different media.

Operation is performed automatically by an electric drive with remote control.
Connection to sewer system or septic tank is necessary!


RET-EL 6.400 NM
RET-EL 6.400 N
RET-EL 6.400 H
RET-EL 6.400 EH


The essential advantages retractable supply post RET EL Modern compared to
RET-EL Classic and other retractable supply system are:

convenient operation without body insert
automatic position control equipment cabin

reliable shaft insulation in end positions

ruled incomplete or leaky opening the equipment cabin
ruled incomplete or leaky closing of the cover

damage to the lifting mechanism due to incomplete closure is excluded
self-locking of devices cabin in any position


visual function control system components on LCD display
error messages on the LCD display
LED warning light around the cover
System remote monitoring