RETRACTABLE SUPPLY POSTS "RET-EL Microclimate Plus" pressure watertight

The retractable underfloor supply system RET EL climate Plus are unique patented factory-assembled units complete with waterproof concrete shaft for distribution and supply of consumers with different media. The unique innovative autonomous drainage and climate management system is integrated in the schaft..The intelligent climate control system ensures protection of the shaft against water, control constant temperature and humidity, and enables a safe and reliable use of various electrical and electronic devices and equipment underground.


In 2015 the project RET EL Microclimate Plus has received innovation voucher "B-Hightech".
We thank the Ministry of Finance and Economics Baden-Württemberg for this support.

 RET-EL 6.600 N RET-EL 6.600 H
RET-EL 6.600 EHR 

The special features RET EL microclimate plus are:

Intelligent automatic control and regulation of constant temperature and moisture
drainage without sewer connection or connection to septic tank
the shaft is absolutely waterproof
waterproof in the end positions and protected during floods
shaft interior is hermetically sealed against influence of the environment


Operation is performed automatically by electric drive with remote control.

Connection to sewer system unnecessary!

Economizing during installation and connection to sewer system!


The essential advantages retractable supply system RET EL Climate-Plus compared to other retractable supply post

and underfloor supply systems are:


Protection of the shaft inside against:

rain, snow, dirt and dust
surface water
reflux for canal water
high water
rust, oxidation, mold formation
rodents, insects and vermin


Monitoring and control of a microclimate:

Intelligent automatic control and regulation of constant temperature and moisture in the shaft

shaft insulation in end positions
generating and maintaining constant temperature
generating and maintaining constant moisture level
maximum heat storage
low moisture formation
thermal insulation on the thermal bridges
antifreeze drainage system
protection against rust, oxidation and mold formation

protect the lifting mechanism against damage
precise position detection devices cabin or of the cover
LED warning light around the cover
extra protection of electrical equipment in the shaft inside
flood protection / pressure water
LCD display with current t ° C and% values
LCD display the error messages or system failures
remote monitoring / remote control