RETRACTABLE SUPPLY POSTS "RET-EL Climate Classic" waterproof

The retractable underground supply system RET EL Climate-Classic are modern factory-assembled complete units with water-resistant concrete shaft for distribution and supply of consumers with different media. The unique climate management system is integrated in the shaft. The climate system ensures constant monitoring and control temperature and moisture.

Operation is by manual cranks.

Connection to sewage system or septic tank is necessary!

 RET-EL 6.200 N HK
RET-EL 6.200 H HK
RET-EL 6.200 EH


The essential advantages retractable supply posts RET EL Climate-Classic compared to RET-EL classic or other underfloor supply posts are:

produce a dry and warm climate in the interior of the shaft

water protected in end positions
reliable surfaces water drainage
protection against groundwater
constant temperature in the shaft
constant moisture in the shaft
no condensation
antifreeze drainage pipes

supply connection possible from 3 sides
roomy, watertight cable connection module
flexible equipping
constant temperature control in the shaft
insulated thermal bridge
frost protected shaft drain pipe
service friendly


protect the lifting mechanism from damage when the lid is not fully closed
LED warning light around the cover
extra protection of electrical equipment in the shaft inside
waterproof in end positions
protection against flood
LCD display with current t ° C and % values
LCD display error messages and system faults
remote monitoring