The RET-EL POP UP PIT systems are factory-assembled complete units for insertion into a factory-built or created in-place concrete pit. The retractable, passable, electric media and distribution columns are installed flush with the floor below the apron or hall floor in separate shafts or tunnels within the parking position of the aircraft or maintenance and service hangar.


The RET-EL POP UP PIT systems are provided for the supply of aircraft and helicopters on the apron and in maintenance hangars. These serve the underfloor supply of various aircraft and helicopters during flight preparation on the apron as well as maintenance and repair work in the halls. On the apron and in the hangars they certainly create passable open areas and ensure the flexible and efficient supply of various media. For all workplaces, they ensure direct and demand-oriented provision of energy, media and data.

400 Hz / 28V DC
  RET EL 800 1000 kpl S21


As underfloor units are designed and produced for long life under extreme weather conditions and environmental influences.


The substantial advantages RET-POP-UP PITs compared to other PIT systems are:

water protected in end positions

safe surface drainage

permanent temperature monitoring and temperature control in the entire shaft

flexible equipping

heat insulation of thermal bridges

antifreeze drainage pipes

comfortable and fast shaft access for service and inspection purposes

extra protection electrical contacts in the shaft against flooding



protect the lifting mechanism against damage

LED warning light around the lid


Our patented system RET-EL with innovative autonomous drainage and air conditioning system keeps the underground electrical operating room for a long time the effects of moisture and humidity in the ground state is armed against the penetration of flood and water pressure and allows use of various electrical and electronic components and equipment, such as frequency 400Hz, sunk in the ground.


In 2015 the project RET EL microclimate management system has received innovation voucher "B-High-tech".


The special features RET-EL POP-UP with climate management system are:


Protection of the shaft inside against:

rain, snow, dirt, sand and dust

surface water


reflux canal water

high water


rodents, insects and vermin

connection to the sewer is not necessary

Monitoring and control of a microclimate:

Intelligent automatic control and regulation of constant temperature and humidity in the shaft

shaft insulation in final positions

generating and maintaining constant temperature

generating and maintaining constant moisture level

maximum heat storage

low moisture formation

thermal insulation on the thermal bridges

antifreeze drainage system

protection against rust, oxidation and mildew



protect the lifting mechanism against damage

precise position detection devices cabin or the cover

LED warning light around the cover

extra protection of electrical equipment in the shaft inside

protection against high water

LCD display with current t ° C and % values

LCD display the error messages or system failures

remote monitoring / remote control