The RET-EK Hatch PIT systems are factory-assembled complete units for insertion into a factory-assembled or produced locally pit. The retractable, passable, electric media and distribution modules are installed flush with the floor below the apron or hall floor in separate shafts or tunnels within the parking position of the aircraft or repair and parking hall.


 Hatch PIT Iceland Air  Hatch PIT Iceland Air 2  HatchPIT Iceland Air 3

The RET-EK Hatch PIT systems are provided for the supply of aircraft and helicopters on the apron and in maintenance hangars. These serve the underfloor supply of various aircraft and helicopters during flight preparation on the apron as well as maintenance and service work in the hangar. On the apron and in the hangars they certainly create navigable and accessible open spaces and ensure the flexible and efficient supply of various media. For all workplaces, they ensure direct and demand-oriented provision of energy, media and data.


Combi Pit
400 Hz / 28V DC


As underfloor units are designed and produced for long life under extreme weather conditions and environmental influences.


The essential advantages RET-EK HATCH PIT compared to other HATCH PIT systems are:

  rain and snow protection

  protection of the shaft to surface water

  permanent temperature monitoring and temperature control in the entire shaft

  flexible equipping

  heat insulation of thermal bridges

  frost protected drainage pipes



extra protection electrical contacts in the shaft against flooding


Our patented system for climate control or microclimate control system with innovative drainage and climate system keeps the underground electrical operating room for a long time the effects of moisture and humidity in the ground state is prepared for the entry of surface water and allows use of various electrical and electronic components and investments sunk into the ground.


The RET-EL climate system can be integrated into the Hatch Pit systems with extra manhole.