The underground systems are modern and practical solution for invisible, space-saving and efficient power distribution and power supply. The underfloor systems have found their use in many different places from municipalities to airports. The retractable supply posts, market place supply systems, underground power distributor and PIT systems provide flexible space and room supply of electricity, data, water, compressed air, wastewater and other media. The underfloor distributor provide an aesthetic urban design in which the street distribution disappear from sight.


It would be fine if the environmental conditions were not so extremely aggressive. The installed in the ground shaft, is made of metal, plastic or concrete, is permanently exposed to the following environmental factors or risks such as:

➩ surface water flooding

➩ ground water flooding

➩ flood / water pressure

➩ flooding due to reflux of canal water

➩ medium to long-term water-storage in the shaft

➩ permanent very high moisture and humidity in the shaft

rain, snow

soil moisture

➩ daily temperature fluctuations

high condensation inside the shaft

extreme moisture buildup under the cover

➩ frost

➩ add missing ventilation / air circulation


This shaft is considered highly hazardous area and ruquires the numerous measures in order to safely set up the electrical equipment. The standard installation of equipment with IP 65-IP68 protection doesn´t provide the  necessary protection of electrical divices from conditions described above.


The innovative unique underfloor systems RET-EL developed considering all dangers and risks for long and safe service life.

Patented systems RET EL Climate are equipped with an autonomous "intelligent" microclimate system. This system
creates a durable and safe placement and trouble-free function all electrical and electronic equipment under the ground. The "intelligent" microclimate control system provides reliable protection against surface water, ground water, moisture, humidity, frost and floods.


The advantages of using RET EL underfloor systems:
permanent standby
modernize urban infrastructure
place higher functionality
protection of the system during flood
efficient and Secure Media Supply
higher safety of pedestrians, children and other road users
consumption control
reliable and sustainable protection of the electrical equipment compartment
high protection against vandalism
elegant design
long lifetime
convenient operation and service
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