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Welcome to the website of RESOM TECHNOLOGY!


We specializes in design and manufacture innovative high quality products in the area of underground distribution systems.

Underground supply units are designed for distribution and supply of electricity and different media, such as data, compressed air, water and other resources with a view to maximizing the benefits to the final consumers indoor and outdoor.


Our new RET-EL retractable supply post, underground distributor and PIT Systems are equipped with a unique patented climate control or microclimate control system. This system ensures a long-term secure storage and stable operation all electrical and electronic equipment under the ground. RET EL products are designed for a long operation life. Configuration and construction of RET-EL supply systems depend on individual requirements of our customers and area of use.


In 2015 project RET EL with climate control system was awarded the Innovation voucher "A". and Innovation voucher "B-Hightech". We thank the Ministry of Finance and Economics Baden-Württemberg for this support.


On other pages our web site you will find comprehensive information about our products and about our company.