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RET EVU Unterflurverteiler



We specializes in design and manufacture innovative high quality products in the area of underground distribution systems.


Underground supply units are designed for distribution and supply of electricity and different media, such as data, compressed air, water and other resources with a view to maximizing the benefits to the final consumers indoor and outdoor.


Our new RET-EL retractable supply post, underground distributor and PIT Systems are equipped with a unique patented climate control or microclimate control system. This system ensures a long-term secure storage and stable operation all electrical and electronic equipment under the ground. RET EL products are designed for a long operation life.


Configuration and construction of RET-EL supply systems depend on individual requirements of our customers and area of use.


The project RET EL with climate control system CLIMATE PLUS was awarded the Innovation voucher "A" and Innovation voucher "B-Hightech". We thank the Ministry of Finance and Economics Baden-Württemberg for this support.


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The company Resom Technology specializes in the design and manufacture high quality complete solutions in the area of underground distribution of power and supply of electricity, lines of communications, compressed air, water and other resources in accordance with customers requirements.

The enterprise is located in the city of Villingen-Schwenningen of the state of Baden-Württemberg where the design and production of the underground systems take place. Here is based management of the company. From here quality products are supplied all over the world.

Due to coordinated teamwork of all employees, their high enthusiasm, professionalism and capacity for work, we are able to implement our ideas into the products. Our team has a 30-years of extensive experience in the development and production of the underground systems, learned from the inventor of these underground systems.

The main requirements of the product technology are innovation, high quality “Made in Germany” and high level of safety, reliability, efficient and operating comfort, a long service life and modern elegant design of the underground systems.

We also work closely with various German and international manufacturers, suppliers, engineers and designers, research universities, chambers of commerce.

A lot of architects, planners and engineers have found a skilled and reliable partner in the Resom Technology to overcome the problems of underground distribution of power.


 Quality for us means quality assurance


The most important part of our developments are SAFETY, RELIABILITY, FUNCTIONALITY, DURABILITY and modern, elegant DESIGN.

RESOM puts in all projects the wishes and requirements of the clients in the foreground. Specialists of our company completely focus on the clients´ requirements in the highest quality.

A high quality standard is achieved by means of use of national and international norms and standards as well as uncompromising selection of the suppliers and strict quality control.

SAFETY for us always comes first!



The underground systems are modern and practical solution for invisible, space-saving and efficient power distribution and power supply. The underfloor systems have found their use in many different places from municipalities to airports.


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The retractable supply posts, market place supply systems, underground power distributor and PIT systems provide flexible space and room supply of electricity, data, water, compressed air, wastewater and other media. The underfloor distributor provide an aesthetic urban design in which the street distribution disappear from sight.


It would be fine if the environmental conditions were not so extremely aggressive. The installed in the ground shaft, is made of metal, plastic or concrete, is permanently exposed to the following environmental factors or risks such as:


➩ surface water flooding

➩ ground water flooding

➩ flood / water pressure

➩ flooding due to reflux of canal water

➩ medium to long-term water-storage in the shaft

➩ permanent very high moisture and humidity in the shaft

➥ rain, snow

➥ soil moisture

➩ daily temperature fluctuations

➥ high condensation inside the shaft

➥ extreme moisture buildup under the cover

➩ frost

➩ missing ventilation / air circulation



This shaft is considered highly hazardous area and ruquires the numerous measures in order to safely set up the electrical equipment. The standard installation of equipment with IP 65-IP68 protection doesn´t provide the  necessary protection of electrical divices from conditions described above.


The innovative unique underfloor systems RET-EL developed considering all dangers and risks for long and safe useful life.

Patented systems RET EL Climate are equipped with an autonomous "intelligent" microclimate system. This system creates a durable and safe placement and trouble-free function all electrical and electronic equipment under the ground. The "intelligent" microclimate control system provides reliable protection against surface water, ground water, moisture, humidity, frost and floods.



The advantages of using RET EL underfloor systems:  

Schacht Wasser

Schacht Warm

Schacht Moisture


permanent standby
modernize urban infrastructure
place higher functionality
protection of the system during flood
efficient and Secure Media Supply
higher safety of pedestrians and other road users

consumption control
reliable, sustainable protection of the electrical room
high protection against vandalism
elegant design
long usefultime
convenient operation and service




The retractable underfloor supply systems RET-EL are modern factory-assembled complete units with waterproof or water resistant concrete shaft. The trafficable media and distribution columns are installed flush with the floor in separate shafts below the road or of the hall floor.

Senkelektranten RET EL

The necessary cable, water, air, hydraulic and sewage pipes are obtained locally and waterproof connected to the shaft wall. The supply cabin, which is equipped with all necessary connections appear by a vertical movement of the shaft on the surface and is immediately ready for use.


RET EL Senkelektranten

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Our RET EL concept Climate Plus is patented and based on an objective safety standard, which has been determined by long-standing problem and risk analysis. Our patented system RET-EL with climate control or microclimate control system keeps the underground electrical operating room for a long time to the influence of moisture and humidity in the ground, is armed against the entry of sewage and pressured water, thus allowing use of different electrical and electronic components sunk into the ground.


Compared with competitors our RET EL retractable supply posts have the following advantages


➩ water resistant or waterproof closable shaft hole
➩ protection against water day, if necessary high water
➩ moisture control
➩ no condensation
➩ evtl. lower installation depth
➩ protect the lifting mechanism when driving
➩ evtl. electric drive
➩ frost proof drain pipe
➩ service friendly

Schacht Wasser

Schacht Warm

Schacht Moisture

The most important safety aspects the retractable supply systems compared with underfloor supply systems are:

accident-free use, no open shaft hole from the connectors
higher safety standard for accident avoidance for inattentive passersby
better protect underground electrical operating room from rain and snow

To meet our clients, we offer them systems in different designs and price ranges.