Senkelektrant Parkplatz

Unterflurverteiler-Stadt Senkelektranten-Park Senkelektrant-Veranstaltung Senkelektrant-Veranstaltungsplatz Senkelektrant_Stadt Senkelektranten_Weihnachtsmarkt POP-UP-PIT-Hangar Senkelektranten-Stadion Hatch-PIT-Hangar

RET EVU Unterflurverteiler

PIT SYSTEMS for aviation industry

The PIT SYSTEMS RET-EL are modern solutions for aircraft and helicopter supply on the apron and in the hangar. Fundamentally are HATCH PIT and POP-UP PIT systems among the most important hubs for the energy and media supply modern airport infrastructure.


During the stay on the ground each aircraft is dependent upon the all-round support from external sources.


On the apron and in the hangars the HATCH PIT and POP-UP PIT systems provide passable and accessible open areas and ensure the flexible and efficient supply of various media such as:


› 400 Hz 

› 28V DC

› 50/60 Hz

› PCA 

› water

› blue water

› sewage water

› data

› pressure air

› air start

All PIT SYSTEMS are built and equipped exclusively to customer according specifications.

PITs 1

The retractable, passable, electrical, media and distribution columns are installed flush with the floor below the apron or hall floor in separate shafts or tunnels within the parking position of the aircraft or repair and parking hall. As underfloor units are designed and produced for long life under extreme weather conditions and environmental influences.

PITs Produkte
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Our RET EK HATCH PIT and RET-EL POP UP PIT bring you the Following advantages:
➩ high operational readiness
➥ proximity to use site
➥ standby at a flight delay without additional coordination expenses
➥ willingness to exceptional emergency situations without additional coordination expenses
➥ gene rally decline in effort for organization and coordination of ground staff
➩ Increased capacity
➩ Increases flight safety
➥ is less traffic on the apron
➥ is less traffic around aircraft
➩ rising labor safety level
➩ declining costs for:
➥ purchase, use, maintenance and repair of vehicles
➥ directions, departure, waiting times of ground staff
➥ is less driver in use
➩ decline in area requirement for car parking
➩ is less CO2 emissions
Thereby the PIT SYSTEMS be a sensible replacement of the car.